Unicharm Uru-uru Cotton Pads


Soft, low-absorbency cotton pads to help you apply your favorite hydrating toner and moisturizer.

40 pads

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Cotton pads are recommended to evenly apply hydrating toners and remove any residues on the skin. Using low-absorbancy “oo-roo-oo-roo”, cotton, these cotton pads are designed to give out twice as much product as normal cotton pads, so that you don’t have to worry about wasting your favorite product.

The plant fibers are also especially gentle to the skin, feeling soft and smooth on the face. As a special treat, separate the cotton pad into two sheets, dip them in your favorite moisturizer, use them as a facial mask under your eyes.

How To Use

Morning and night, pour your cosmetic water onto a cotton pad and then gently pat onto our skin. Notice that sometimes you’re wiping off dirt and oil that are still on your face after cleansing! You can also use this to apply your moisturizer and sunscreen afterward.



• Plant fibers which effectively transfer product and feel soft and smooth on the skin


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